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Bringing Digestion back into balance with Ayurveda!

Are you suffering from an indigestion problem? According to Ayurveda, the answer to your problem is in the kitchen. The foods you consume help boost your digestive system or can even make your digestive system worse by damaging it. So, it is the type of food that decides the well-being of your digestive system. In Ayurveda, Agni is considered a ‘source of life.’ Therefore, all the food that is made using fire is regarded as an offering to Agni or fire. 22 Ayur provides the best Digestive Treatment in Ayurveda. The main health goal of a person is to balance the metabolic fire. 

In Ayurveda, the term “Ama” means the root cause of disease. Ama’s are the toxins or metabolic waste in the body that leads to diseases. Ayurveda says detrimental foods like fried foods, cold foods, and processed meats can create indigestion problems. This will lead to the deposit of residues that becomes toxins. When it comes to eating, a good and balanced diet must be practiced. In 22 Ayur, Ayurvedic Treatment in Dubai, you can get the best advice regarding food consumption. According to Ayurvedic practitioners, 

  • Eat food only when you are hungry.
  • Give your previous meal the time to digest. There should be at least 3 hours of gaps between meals. 
  • Try to avoid hot foods that are spicy, oily, and fried. Make sure you don’t eat hot and cold food together. 22 Ayur has the Best Ayurvedic Doctor in Dubai, whom you can approach to get the finest guidance. 
  • Try to eat light foods and proper chewing is essential for good digestion.

Suffering from indigestion problem:

Following good eating habits is very important to maintain a healthy digestive system. If you have any inconvenience in your stomach. Try to find out what you have eaten in the last 24 to 48 hours. If you are suffering from an indigestion problem try to avoid foods like dairy products, large grains, and raw vegetables, because these types of food will take a long time to digest. So, it is always better to avoid such types of food. Get in touch with 22 Ayur, Digestive Treatment in Ayurveda to solve your worries.

Juices are incredibly helpful in treating indigestion problems. You can relieve symptoms by mixing equal parts of onion juice and honey or by mixing a glass of buttermilk with 1/4 teaspoon of garlic paste. Approach 22 Ayur for Digestion Treatment in Ayurveda. Incorporate steamed, half-cooked, or stir-fried vegetables into your diet. Add digestion-aiding spices like black pepper, ginger, and cinnamon to these vegetables. Opt for soupy dishes during meals. Enhance your wellness journey with an Ayurvedic Massage Dubai.

A healthy diet starts with good eating habits

According to Ayurveda, a good eating habit promotes good health. 

  • When you cook your food try to add spices like turmeric, cumin, fennel, and coriander to your diet.
  •  Try to drink ginger or cumin seed. 
  • Make an effort to stop the intake of cold drinks or foods. 
  • Eat only when you are hungry.
  • If you want to allow your food to digest and absorb better, take small sips of warm water during your meal.
  • It is best to avoid mixing contradictory foods, such as very hot and cold foods, or raw and cooked foods.

To get the best advice regarding indigestion approach 22 Ayur, Digestion Treatment in Ayurveda. 

It is always important to maintain a good diet to have a healthy digestive system. We live in a world where digestive problems are commonplace. At 22 Ayur you can get the best Ayurvedic Treatment in Dubai. Good digestion is a very silent process, it takes place when you sleep, rest, eat, or work. We become aware when something goes wrong in the digestive process. So, it is always good to visit 22 Ayur, Best Ayurvedic Doctor in Dubai.

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