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Relax & Rejuvenate

These packages are designed to relax and vitalise the body. From medical steam baths, herbal medicine and soothing face masks, it also includes two highlights of Ayurvedic treatment: full-body massages (Abhyanga) and pouring warm liquids onto the forehead (Shirodhara). Their base are warm herbal oils, which are mixed according to centuries-old recipes.

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Weight Loss Massage

Our Ayurvedic Spa in Dubai recommends about 15 to 21 weight loss massage sessions including Ayurvedic rituals and a below-neck steam bath.

Losing weight shouldn’t be a problem. Lose it in a fun, relaxed, and easy way. There is no better way to lose weight than our weight loss massage therapy. This is a great chance you cannot afford to miss. Our weight loss massage therapy includes expert full body massage, kizhi (cotton bag), herbal scrub with or without decoction, and enema followed by a below-neck steam bath.

Sarvanga Abhyangam

This is a full-body oil massage that is done for the whole body and is good for the entire body. It also includes ayurvedic rituals and below neck steam bath.

Sarvanga Abhyangam is a full-body massage from head to toe. Warm oils are deeply infiltrated into the cells to release toxins from the body. The pressure applied during the massage varies according to the sensitivity of the individuals. Light pressure will be applied to the forehead, face, abdomen, neck, eyes, and chest area, while firm pressure will be applied below the waist, behind the neck, and sides of the body. Long strokes are applied to the body. This therapy is done to smoothen the flow of blood and lymph that relaxes the body. 22 Ayur, Ayurvedic Spa in Dubai, helps you with the full-body oil massage to feel eased.

Ayurvedic massage Dubai


Shirodhara is an ayurvedic procedure of dropping the medicated oil slowly and steadily on the forehead followed by a full body massage.

A continuous stream of medicated oil is poured all over your head followed by a full body massage and head massage. This helps in conditions like headaches, pains, and stiffness. Shirodhara has a calming, easing, and relaxing effect on the body and mind. This improves sleep quality and lessens anxiety, migraines, stress, and work pressure.


Pizhichil is a full body massage done by 2 therapist at a time using warm medicated oils. We also provide Ayur rituals and below-neck steam baths.

Pizhichil is crowned as the king of ayurvedic therapies. This royal massage is used for detoxifying and relaxing the body. Therefore, this treatment is referred to as “Treatment for aristocrats”. Pizhichil is done with the help of two therapists massaging the entire body using lukewarm oil to stimulate the metabolism.

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Pad Abhyangam

This is a foot massage therapy that is done with or without using herbal oils, followed by a foot scrub.

Pad Abhyangam is done to stimulate the flow of energy and release the energy that is blocked. At 22 Ayur, Best Ayurvedic Spa in Dubai, experience the best Pad Abhyangam therapy.  After applying essential medicated oils, the therapists will apply pressure in a circular motion or rub energetically as per your convenience. It activates the energy in the liver, kidney, heart, head, and other organs.


This massage involves a full body massage using dry herbal paste.

Udvarthanm is done to remove poisons through the skin and is highly recommended for reducing excess Kapha and fat accumulation under the skin using a dry herbal powder or paste prepared with herbal oils. We recommend a minimum of six courses to avail the best results.

Marma Abhyangam

Marm means “vital points''. This abhyanga is a full body oil massage for core points including some ayur rituals and a below-neck steam bath.

Marm Abhyangam is an immensely satisfying and refreshing full-body oil massage. It is for stress relief, pain relief, deep relaxation, ease of the mind, improved circulation of body fluids, and freshening up the internal organs.

Pinda sweda

Pinda Sweda is a full-body cotton bag massage with or without oils, it includes ayur rituals and a below-neck stream bath.

Pinda Sweda is a full-body massage using a cotton bag. The cotton bag is filled with herb/ rice/ grain/ or sand sacks. Therapy is mainly done to strengthen the joints, and reduce stiffness, inflammation, and pain. This therapy is good for arthritis, muscle pain, and back pain. It is a Vata pacifying and anti-inflammatory.


Vishesh is a full-body sportsman oil massage, it includes ayur rituals and below neck steam bath.

Massaging the body with stronger pressure with warm oils for refreshing the body and mind. This therapy is good for people who love sports, physical exercise, and workouts.