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Elakizhi Ayurvedic Treatment: A Guide

Elakizhi ayurvedic treatment is done using herbal leaves. This treatment is highly effective for ailments affecting the bones, nerves, and joint systems. According to Ayurveda, three doshas govern the body: vata, pitta, and kapha. There are some herbs and requirements that make sure these doshas are aligned perfectly. All these three doshas govern your prana. In the Elakizhi therapy, herbs are used to pacify the vata, and herbs taken for the Elakizhi ayurvedic treatment must be fresh and washed thoroughly. In most cases, tamarind leaves and giant flowering plants with herbal qualities are used for this therapy. Now let us discuss the procedure and benefits of the Elakizhi treatment.

Treatment of Elakizhi – Procedure To Follow

During the Elakizhi procedure, the received leaves are cut up and mixed with grated coconut oil and a pinch of honey and lemon. Then mix these with rock salt and fix the situation; this mixture is then cooked with oils. The preparation of the oil is based on the kind of therapy that the patient needs. Sesame oil is used in most cases, and then the leaves are separated into four parts and packed in the form of bundles in a cloth bag. These are then stored in a pan containing oils and are finally fried.

With this therapy, the body’s temperature is raised. It goes on for about fifteen minutes. Now the therapy is extended with bundles, which are applied to various pressure points. The body temperature should be maintained at an optimal level of 46 degrees Celsius. Using a pan, these bundles are fired frequently. After the completion of the Elakizhi Ayurvedic Treatment, the body must be covered with a sheet for about 25 minutes.

Elakizhi Ayurvedic Treatment Benefits

Elakizhi not only gives you relief from a physical disorder but also helps to cure neurological disorders like bipolar disorder and Down syndrome. Through this ayurvedic treatment, traumatic thoughts are brought into bliss. This is done to treat several bone conditions like spondylitis, arthritis, and chronic back pain. Through this treatment, pressure in the various sections of the body is released. To know more about Elakizhi treatment, visit 22 Ayur, Ayurvedic Treatment in Dubai.

Other Benefits 
  • Refreshment
  • Reduces stress
  • Anti-ageing
  • Increases muscle strength
  • Improves blood flow
  • Reduces pain
  • Detoxification therapies
  • Increases body strength

Elakizhi provides relief from sore muscles and joints. It improves peripheral blood circulation and expels toxins through sweat. To get more awareness about Ayurvedic Elakizhi treatment, consult with the Best Ayurvedic Doctor in Dubai. Connect with 22 Ayur and get instructions from our expert doctors.

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