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Ayurvedic Treatment

Our Ayurvedic treatments are focussed on rejuvenating the overall well being, increasing blood circulation, detoxification, and also enhances functioning of the internal organs and relaxing the mind.


Massaging body with medicated herbal oil
  • Rejuvenates – Overall well-being, improves circulation, complexion, increases immunity, enhances the function of sense organs, and relaxes the mind.

  • It Addresses – Rheumatism, paralysis, headache, muscle disorders, nervous weakness, back pain, etc.


Massaging the body with the medicinal paste by mixing it with oil.
The paste is then applied all over the body using moderate pressure.
    • RejuvenatesBeneficial for cleansing the skin, providing firm muscle tone, and increasing blood circulation. 22 Ayur, the Ayurvedic Treatment in Dubai, helps to refresh you with the best Utsadanam treatment..
    • It Addresses – Utsadanam therapy helps to dissolve excessive fat resulting in weight loss.

Sweda with Kizhi

Applying fomenting herbal bags all over the body.
    • RejuvenatesKizhi enhances peripheral blood circulation, cleanses the channel of circulation, and helps in detoxifying the system.
    • It AddressesIt helps to relieve muscle pain, inflammation, neurological problems, spinal cord, and joint deformities, paralysis, and more. Contact 22 Ayur, our Ayurvedic Massage in Dubai to sort out all your worries.
              Kizhi varies according to the ingredients

1. Choorna Pinda Sweda – Herbal bags are prepared with medicines or herbal powders

2. Pathra Pottali Sweda – Herbal bags prepared with fresh leaves, coconut, rock salt, and garlic.

3. Jambeera Pinda Sweda – Herbal bags made of lemon, sattakuppa, and garlic.

4. Anda Sweda – Bag prepared using egg and herbal medicines.

5. Shastika Pinda Sweda – Bags made using navara rice, milk, and bala decoction.


Dhanyamla Dhara

This is an ayurvedic decoction bath therapy, where the whole body is massaged using herbal oil.
  • Rejuvenates – This treatment stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic systems, detoxifies the body, and strengthens the immune system.
  • It Addresses – They help to reduce swelling, stiffness, joint pains, and weight loss is achieved.

Kashaya Dhara

A steady stream of medicated lukewarm herbal decoction is poured all over the body, any specific part of the body, or forehead as per the need.
  • Rejuvinates – The benefits of Kashaya Dhara are they energize the body, and prevent the degeneration of soft tissues and joints.
  • It Adresses – It helps to reduce pain and fatigue experienced during the post-natal period. Also, provides relief from pain, stiffness, and swelling due to arthritis.
Kashaya Dhara


This therapy is done by applying medicated oil on the face, chest, and neck. Then, the person will be subjected to steam generated using cow’s milk and herbal decoction.
  • Rejuvenates – Ksheeradhoomam helps to improve blood circulation, enhances the function of sense organs, and relaxes the mind and body.
  • It Addresses – They help with problems like speech disorder, facial paralysis disorder, cervical spondylitis, spasticity, headache, numbness, and nervous disorder.


Pichu is a treatment method where a soaked cotton pad or a sponge is applied to specific parts of the body with ayurvedic oils.
  • Rejuvenates – This therapy helps to enhance memory, prevents hair fall and scalp diseases, balances the digestive system, and promotes good sleep.
  • It Addresses – Helps in conditions like neurological and psychological problems, degenerating painful spinal problems, hair problems, and headaches.


A thick mixture prepared using medicines and herbal liquids together is applied to the affected areas of the skin.
  • RejuvenatesLepam acts as a body scrub that smoothens the skin, improves blood circulation, and relieves aches. 22 Ayur, Ayurvedic Treatment in Dubai, helps to make your skin glow.
  • It Addresses – This helps in conditions like skin disorders, inflammatory conditions, and aches.


In Upanaham treatment a thick warm herbal paste is applied over the infected areas. Then herbal leaves are placed over the paste and bandaged with a cotton cloth. It is retained for almost 6 hours.
  • Rejuvenates – Improves muscle flexibility, and joint mobility, increases blood circulation, and nourishes body tissues.
  • It Addresses – This therapy is recommended for Arthritis, Inflammation, Abscess, Muscle Stiffness, Frozen Shoulder, Varisocity, and Bursitis.


This treatment involves the pooling of warm medicated oils over a specific region for a fixed duration of time.
  • RejuvenatesAt 22 Ayur, Ayurvedic Treatment Center in Dubai will help to give relief from distress and extortion.
  • It Addresses – This therapy is useful for low back aches due to muscle spasms, disc bulges, degeneration, and joint problems.


A procedure in which medicated fumes are inhaled and exhaled.
  • Rejuvenates– They refresh the head and neck regions.
  • It Addresses – It is recommended for various problems like cough, voice disorder, sinus, and respiratory diseases, infection in the respiratory tracts, and itching in the eyes, nose, and throat.


Nasyam is a treatment that is aimed at purifying the head region and nasal passage. Here, medicated herbal oils are instilled through the nasal cavity.
  • Rejuvenates – It helps to give a glow and healthy look to the entire body, improves the quality of sense organs, and boosts immunity
  • It Addresses – This therapy is recommended for headaches, facial paralysis, mental disorder, respiratory disease, neck problems, and more. We help you to experience our Ayurvedic Treatment in Dubai that provides solutions to all your problems.

Siro Vasti

In Siro Vasti treatment warm medicated oils are placed on the head for a certain time.
  • Rejuvenates – This therapy helps to improve immunity, enhance good sleep, increase metabolism, and helps to balance Vata and Kapha in the brain.
  • It Addresses – Helps in conditions like spinal cord ailments and nervous system disorders like headaches, depression, migraines, and illnesses linked to the eyes, and reduces hair fall.


The patient's whole body is immersed in a tub filled with the medicated herbal decoction. The liquid is prepared according to the health condition of the person.
  • Rejuvenates – Avagaham gives deep relaxation and calmness to the body and mind.
  • It Addresses – It is recommended for urinary tract infections, is good for women’s health diseases, reduces inflammation, increases the healing process, and strengthens the health of lower body parts.


In Anjanam treatment herbal medicines are applied all over the eyes. This therapy enhances vision and prevents eye diseases.
  • Rejuvenates – It helps to relax the optic nerve and brings beauty and health to the eyes and relaxes the mind.
  • It Addresses – Anjanam helps in conditions like cataracts, conjunctivitis, blurred vision, and muscular degeneration.


This is a special procedure done for the eyes. The procedure involves putting medical drops into the eyes in a fixed format.
  • Rejuvenates – Strengthens the muscles and nerves in the eyes, refreshes the eyes, and rejuvenates facial muscles and facial nerves.
  • It Addresses – This therapy helps with all kinds of eye infections.


This is a refreshing treatment where warm and medicated ghee is poured and retained over the eyes for a certain period.
  • Rejuvenates – It improves vision and strengthens optic nerves, reduces dark circles, and nutrifies the tissues surrounding the eyes.
  • It Addresses – This therapy is mostly recommended for refractive errors, fatigue, retinopathy, cataract, ptosis, ocular muscle weakness, and more.


In the Vasti treatment oil or cow ghee or decoction is administered in the form of an enema.
  • Rejuvenates – Vasti helps to improve bowel movements and corrects the metabolic systems of the body.
  • It Addresses – It is recommended for paralysis, bone marrow issue, weak bones, spinal disorder, obesity, rheumatic arthritis, and more.

1) Kashaya vasti (Decoction enema)

2) Sneha vasti (Oil enema)

3) Ksheera vasti (Enema with medicated milk)

4) Matra vasti (Oil enema on weak and aged patients)

Note: Abhyangam or ayurvedic treatment should not be performed under the following conditions- indigestion or dehydration, fever, blood clots, during menstruation, during pregnancy, during chemotherapy. If you are going through any of the aforementioned conditions, then you won’t be eligible for the treatment.

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