22 Ayur

22 Ayur Signature

Our signature treatments include the best that 22Ayur has to offer including Ghritam Abhyangam, Four Hand Massage, Panchkarma and more.

Ayur Trilogy

Ayur Trilogy is a combination of three therapies Oil Massage, and cotton bag therapy with herbal scrub. This also includes ayur rituals and below neck steam bath.

This is one of the best therapies to relax your body and mind. This trilogy includes a highly relaxing full body oil massage followed by a cotton bag (kizhi) massage to refresh your stressed muscles. At last, there will be a scrub made of herbs to remove all the dead cells from the skin to make you look young and brighter.

22 Ayur Royal Massage

Treatment contains a combination of full body oil massage with yoga and stretching and also includes ayur rituals and a below-neck steam bath.

22 Ayur Royal Massage will help you to improve your heart, sleep, and health, and brighten up your mood, and flexibility. The oil massage will help to activate your energy points and yoga will make you feel refreshed.

Chavitti Thirummal

Chavitti Thirummal is a full-body oil massage done by the feet.

Chavitti Thirummal will help you to increase your flexibility, improve your health, and brighten your mood. This also includes an ayurvedic ritual and a below-neck steam bath.


Garshan ayurvedic full body massage is done without oil. Instead, they use raw silk gloves to perform the therapy. (includes ayur rituals)

Garshan is a dry massage done using 100% raw silk gloves. Garshan in Sanskrit means “Friction by Rubbing”. The cells of the skin are removed during the massage causing a peeling effect. This therapy ensures soft skin, metabolisms are rightly stimulated, and improve lymph flow.

Ghritam Abhyangam

Full body massage using clarified butter, this also includes ayur rituals and below neck steam bath.

Ghee is rich in healthy fats and vitamins like vitamin A and D. So, a good full body massage with the ghee helps to improve sleep quality and makes your skin and hair brighter and soft. Not only provides a glow, but also protects you from anti-bacterial infection. Ghritam Abhyangam treatment is relaxing, rejuvenating, and re-hydrating.

Four Hand Massage

Four Hand massage is a full body oil massage done by two therapists at the same time. This massage includes ayur rituals and a below-neck steam bath.

Most rhythmic and stimulating massage is done by two therapists at the same time. This is one of the best ways to make your weekends more relaxing and refreshing.

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